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Why people choose Vinoa?


We offer you only quality products with an excellent and competitive price for your market. Try to taste some of them.


Fair price and safety transport for your shipment. We work with renowned and experienced companies.


The winemaker makes the wines to your preference. Semi dry, sweet or even non-alcoholic wine.


You can personalize your wine label for a reasonable price and have your own product with an excellent presentation. Several types of packaging are also available.

Our partners Our wineries make the wine with traditional methods and dedication mixed with modern procedures to develop the best quality wines. Let yourself go and discover the great taste that only our special wines can offer you.

Tenerife wineries

The climate and warm volcanic geology make these wines an unique and unforgettable experience due to its full body and pleasant taste for your enjoyment.

Spanish wineries

Traditional flavors of Spanish grapes or sweet wines are made to your taste. Young varietal wines or aging wines are a pleasure to enjoy.

Czech wineries

The wine area in central Europe has a fantastic grapes varieties, some of them not well know worldwide but we encourage you to discover new flavors including ice wines.



Our passion for coffee is rivaled only by our love for wine. Indulge yourself in our quality coffee selection.


Melt yourself in our wide variety of chocolate and discover our unique flavours. We customize the wrapper with the image or message you desire.


It is known worldwide the health benefits, as well as the wonderful flavor, of a good dose of olive oil. Nevertheless, only quality olive oil –with an especially stage of pressing- give you these benefits.


The Canary islands are proud to be the World´s best cheese award winner. The climatic conditions as well as 3 different breeds of goats is the key to the success of gourmet cheese production. It varies from very fresh and soft cheeses to cured and strong flavoured cheeses. There are 3 main types of cheeses: fresh, semi-cured and cured.


The traditional European brewing methods bring you some of the best beers of the world and we are delighted to introduce you to them.


We offer guided tours and tastings, explaining the winemaking and storage process, as well as the origin and characteristics of the wine. All this combined with the nature of the volcanic island with its charming beaches for your enjoyment with all the liberal freedom of European culture.